Friday, March 31, 2017

Making you house look big!

Of course, everyone considers the square footage of a home an important aspect when it comes to buying a home.  What sellers fall short on sometimes is making the space seem bigger for a perceived increase in square footage.  

When selling your home you of course want to everything to be perfect for when it is shown.  But don’t forget to focus on the feel of the room when people walk in.  A 1000 square foot home can look huge if it is done correctly.  And a large home can look really small if done wrong!

People want and love space and there is no denying it.  It doesn’t matter if they are moving up in the size range or downsizing.  People don’t want to be cramped and confined.  They want their spaces to be homey and comfortable with space.  And you can achieve this regardless of the physical measurements.

You can achieve the look and feel you desire by doing some subtle things. If creating the visual perception of space is what you are after,, here are some ideas to help out.

1) Get rid of the area rugs.  Having area rugs can tend to break up the layout of the room which will ultimately making it feel smaller.  You shouldn’t put area rugs over existing carpets.  Buyers might think you’re hiding stains or other imperfections.

2) Edit the interior surroundings.  Remove any unneeded pieces from the room.  You can still show the space as homey but it will just feel more spacious.  

3) Let there be light!  Bring as much of the outside light into a room and use lamps with shades.  Dark rooms are really unattractive to buyers and can almost feel like a dungeon.

4) Create a flow.  Creating continuity between rooms is key to showing a room to room and will help to make it bigger. Do this by having clearly open sight lines between rooms and remove excess furnishings.

5) Easy on the paint colors…and choose one main color that will flow between spaces rather than having every room a different color. This will really enhance emphasize the continuity flow making the entire home feel much larger.